Figuring out what child support payments are expected to be can be a huge unknown for those going through a divorce. Most people don’t understand what is considered an appropriate level of child support, according to the Federal Government of Canada. We have created a child support calculator to help you understand the expected support payments.

How is Child Support Calculated?

The foundation of the calculator for child support is based two primary factors: the number of children who are to be supported and the along with the gross annual income of the paying parent.  The figure that is calculated based on these two factors is only a guideline.  Individual circumstances can have an impact on the number.  The number calculated should give a good idea of the amount that will be expected to be paid.

If you want to better understand the background of the child support calculator that we’ve created, you can view the Federal Child Support Guidelines.  It’s the guidelines used by judges when determining the exact support payments to be made.  At Baidwan & Baidwan, we are experienced and knowledgeable in this and other matters that can have an impact on your specific divorce situation.

The tables from the Federal Child Support Guidelines as derived by the Department of Justice.  Every province has slightly different rules and practices, and our tool uses the Ontario Child Support Guidelines, as derived by the Department of Justice. These tables are used by our calculator to calculate a level of child support for sole custody. The amount calculated should us used as an estimate only of what the final child support payments will be.

Child Support Calculator


Monthly Award:

**This figure is an estimate only and can vary based on your circumstances.

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