For many people, divorce is an unfamiliar, stressful experience that they worry will take years to finalize while draining their resources. When you’re going through a divorce, it can feel like no one is on your side. Worries about your children and family can be overwhelming, and the divorce laws of Ontario are complex. Baidwan & Baidwan, your Brampton Divorce Lawyer, is here for you.

Helping You Move into a Stable Future

Having an effective and experienced divorce lawyer by your side means that you will have someone who will fight for your legal rights and interests. We can help you work through the issues involved in your divorce, including child support payments, division of property, child custody and access, spousal support, and more. As divorce lawyers in Brampton, we believe in helping those in our community resolve their divorce issues quickly, fairly, and effectively.

Divorce Resolution Methods

Every divorce is different. Different personalities, goals, emotions, and desires mean that you can’t just treat one divorce like you would another. There are many different ways to address the issues of divorce, many of them outside of the courtroom. In your initial consultation, we can discuss which method of divorce resolution is right for you and your family.


If a couple is still on good terms through their divorce, mediation might be an excellent option to work out the issues of custody, support, and property division. In mediation, you work with a neutral mediator who helps guide you towards a fair agreement that both of you are comfortable with. This method can be very beneficial as it avoids harsh conflict and preserves positive relationships.

Even though the mediator should be knowledgeable in divorce and family law, it is very important that you have your own independent legal council by your side the entire time, to make sure that your interests are being upheld. This method of divorce resolution can be faster and more cost effective than others, however, there is no guarantee that you will be able to come to an agreement. If this is the case, you will have to start over again with another method.


Through a divorce negotiation, both parties give and take to find an acceptable agreement for division of property and finances, child support payments and custody, and spousal support.

Here at Baidwan & Baidwan, we pride ourselves on our negotiation skills. We have years of experience questioning, listening, and exploring all options during a negotiation. Our experience with real estate law gives us an edge when it comes to negotiating property in a divorce. With one of our Brampton divorce lawyers by your side, you can be sure that every avenue of negotiation will be explored so we can find the best possible working solution for your family situation.

Contested Divorce

If negotiations fail, we are can litigate to protect your rights and interests in a divorce. Litigation can be a stressful time, as its confrontational nature can take a toll on relationships. Contested divorces often involve highly charged emotional states and bitter relationships, making it even more difficult. Thankfully, we have extensive experience in court and take command at the outset. We explore every possibility to come to a favorable resolution. In the courtroom, you can depend on us.


Full Service Family Law Firm

If you wish to learn how to get a divorce, or are currently going through one, the legal representatives at Baidwan & Baidwan Lawyers LLP can help. We’re a full-service law firm that specializes in criminal, real estate law, and family law, including divorce law. For the best family divorce lawyers in Brampton, ON, you are in the right place.

At Baidwan & Baidwan, we have extensive knowledge in all aspects of family law, including separation, marriage contracts, divorce, custody issues, access, financial support, and property division. We will tell it to you like it is, keeping you informed with tools like our child support calculator.

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Divorce can be a difficult and isolating time, but trust us when we say that we will always be there to answer your questions.  Start with an initial consultation to discuss your divorce and how we can help you resolve it.  Call us at 905-230-8888. As your Brampton Divorce Lawyers, we will work diligently to help guide you through this difficult, stressful time and give your family a new, more stable future.

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