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Separation and divorce deeply impact a family’s life with long-term, far-reaching implications so it is important to select the right family law lawyer. Baidwan & Baidwan Lawyers LLP’s family law practice can provide you with the legal services and support you need during this time of transition.

For many clients, divorce is an unfamiliar, stressful experience that they worry will use all their resources and take years to finalize. The goal of our Family Law Firm in serving Brampton and Mississauga is to help our clients get through divorce as efficiently as possible so that they can look ahead to a stable future. We help our clients navigate all issues which may arise in their family law cases, such as issues of custody of and access to children, high conflict separations, child and spousal support and division of property.

Baidwan & Baidwan’s Divorce Lawyers have extensive knowledge of family law and are aware of the many stresses being involved in a Divorce or Family law case can cause. We work in a respectful and compassionate atmosphere to help you resolve your legal issues quickly, fairly and effectively.

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What do you need to know about Baidwan & Baidwan Lawyers LLP’s family law lawyers?

  1. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of family law including separation, divorce, custody, access, financial support and property division.
  2. We tell it like it is. We are upfront about what the law can allow us to achieve or obtain which may not match up with the client’s expectations. We take the time to educate and work with our clients to ensure they realistically understand what to expect as a resolution.
  3. We are skilled experienced negotiators. We ask questions, listen, and explore all available options during the negotiation process to arrive at a workable final resolution for you and your family.
  4. We are willing to litigate if necessary to protect your rights and interests. As litigators we take command at the outset, explore various approaches and are calm during times of adversity.
  5. We strategize and plan. We determine the best possible resolution and the actions needed to achieve that resolution. Then we formulate and execute a step by step plan.
  6. We explore every available possibility while working towards resolution. We are creative, persistent and determined while exploring these possibilities.
  7. We work with you. You are the expert on your family and as such you are essential to ensuring we have all the information required to effectively strategize, plan and work towards resolution.
  8. We are available to you and communicate with you. We are approachable and accessible to answer your questions and alleviate concerns.

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The Divorce Lawyers at Baidwan & Baidwan Lawyers LLP work diligently to guide our clients through this difficult, stressful time so our client and their family can leave behind the challenging hard work of this experience and move forward into a new stable future.

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