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When it comes to theft, there are a variety of laws and issues – no case is the same. You need to get an experienced theft lawyer who can address the law with your specific case, no matter what kind of theft you have been charged with.

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Shoplifting can mean a pack of gum or a computer taken from a store. Because theft can actually be a complicated case, speak with an experienced criminal law practice if facing such a circumstance. What is shoplifting exactly? Well, it is generally defined as taking something out of a store without paying for it, usually in an amount under $5,000. The Canadian Criminal Code defines theft as “taking the property of someone else with the intent to take it away temporarily or permanently from its rightful owner.”

Summary Offence

If convicted of theft as a Summary Offence in an amount under $5,000, a person can be fined up to $2,000 or imprisoned for up to six months, or both. These are the maximum penalties, however, and first time offenders are usually less stringent. If the offender is a minor, there be other options available as well. Indictable offence convictions are rare in cases of a theft under $5,000, but they can occur.

Stolen Property & Robbery

Offences such as possession of stolen property or robbery are considered Hybrid Offences and can be prosecuted as either Summary or Indictable Offences. According to the Canadian Criminal Code being in possession of stolen property, whether or not you are the one who took it, can be a crime, particularly if you knew it was stolen. Robbery is, generally speaking, theft under threat or use of force. Depending on whether or not a weapon is used, the punishment for robbery can be very severe.

Because there is so much riding on the future of the individual accused of such crimes, and because all people are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of Canadian law, it is crucial that one seeks out an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help them navigate the challenges that criminal law presents.

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