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Every day, countless adults and children find themselves the victims of sexual assault. While sexual misconduct is one of the most damaging types of abuse, shame and fear often make it difficult for victims to come forward. Here at Baidwan and Baidwan we understand the torrent of emotions that face those who have experienced sexual abuse; we will work with victims to help them understand their rights, show them the steps to take toward healing, and fight to make sure the perpetrator won’t remain unpunished.

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What is Sexual Assault?

Sex assault happens when one adult takes advantage of another adult in an attempt to gain sexual fulfillment or exercise dominance. Any kind of sexual act performed on a child by an adult is illegal and considered assault, even if the perpetrator claims that the child “wanted it to happen”. Sex abusers don’t have to be strangers; instead, it is anyone who takes unfair advantage of another and can include friends, relatives, co-workers, doctors, and pastors. Sex abusers can be both male and female.

What is the Aggravated Sexual Assault?

This class of sexual crimes is more intense than simply assault because it involves the act of force, fear tactics, or physical damage. When someone is convinced of aggravated sexual assault, it means that they performed a sexual act on the victim with the use of a weapon, the victim was drugged, or the perpetrator used violence and threatened the victim’s physical well-being during the assault. If the victim is over sixty-years-old, physically impaired, or a related child, the crime will likely be considered aggravated sexual assault.

What is the Punishment for Sexual Crimes?

The punishment depends on the nature and severity of the crime. In some cases, the convicted abuser may face fines, jail time, testing, and treatments. The victim maybe entitled to monetary compensation to help them recover from the pain they have endured. While we can’t determine the exact outcome of the case, we can work to prevent future sexual violations by making these criminals face the charges they deserve.

How Baidwan and Baidwan Can Help

Here at Baidwan and Baidwan Criminal Law Firm, we understand sexual abuse. We know that it isn’t pretty and it isn’t fun to talk about. We will work with victims to help them disclose the necessary information at their own pace, and build a case around the evidence. While there is no way to turn back the hands of time, we can help you to find closure and start moving forward with your life.

Falsely Accused?

Unfortunately, in some cases, people may accuse an innocent party of sexual misconduct. This may happen because of a misunderstanding, an attempt to gain money, or done as a form of retaliation to get back at the falsely accused. If you’ve been falsely accused of sexually harassing or abusing someone, then it’s important to know your rights. Just like we fight to put criminals behind bars, we also work to prove the innocence of those who are falsely accused, giving them the chance to restore their good name and go forward with their lives.

Sexual crimes are life-changing and painful; however, they don’t have to follow you forever. By contacting our lawyers at Baidwan and Baidwan, we can help you get started on the road to recovery.

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