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Drunk driving is a serious offense which can come with severe penalties for the driver. Impaired driving is the condition in which the driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent. Impaired driving implies that the driver is intoxicated and unable to operate a vehicle responsibly. The Ontario laws are very clear about what constitutes impaired driving Ontario Canada, and these laws need to be taken seriously. Ultimately, impaired driving is dangerous to everyone on the road.

It’s important to know the facts about Ontario drinking and driving laws in order to avoid having an accident and having to contact an impaired driving lawyer. Ontario drinking and driving laws are some of the toughest anywhere in North America. These laws are put in place in order to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities that can come from drunk driving. Drunk driving is a serious crime, with serious consequences.

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If you have been in an accident, drunk driving laws will be in full effect, and it will be important for you to contact an impaired driving lawyer right away. An impaired driving lawyer will know all the drinking and driving facts and Ontario drinking and driving laws as they pertain to your case. It’s very important to take these facts seriously, as an ingnorance of the law is no excuse in the eyes of the courts.

There’s no question that the penalties for impaired driving Ontario are serious. They include the potential loss of your driver’s license, possible jail time, a criminal record, and possibly having your vehicle impounded. The drinking and driving facts are no small thing, which is why these penalties for impaired driving Ontario are so severe.

Drinking Causes Impairment

Even one drink can have a serious impact on your ability to operate a vehicle responsibly. Your reaction time can be slowed, and your ability to swerve away from an oncoming car can be impaired, making an accident more likely. Due to this impact on your reflexes, you might be involved in an accident that would force you to contact an impaired driving lawyer.

The drinking and driving facts also state that your level of intoxication can be affected by the amount of alcohol in your system as well as how quickly you drank the alcohol. Ultimately, if you drink anything, you may be more liable for an accident and more in need of a lawyer.

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