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Finding oneself in jail is never pleasant. Not only is it humiliating, but it is also scary and stressful. Being locked away can put a strain on your relationships, break family ties, and cost you lost wages or even your job. When you are behind bars, the only thing you want to do is get out, no matter what the cost. As soon as bail is set, most people are so anxious to be free, that they will pay ridiculous fines just to be released. While it’s a normal reaction to simply take what you’re offered and pay up, this is not the best decision. Before you take any steps to get out of jail, you should contact a bail hearing lawyer here at Baidwan and Baidwan.

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Contact a Bail Lawyer First!

Before you put forth any money to pay for bail, you should contact the bail hotline of a trusted criminal law firm. Once you pay bail, there is no way to go back and get money. Rather than putting forth any money, a bail lawyer can help you to understand your rights, talk to the police about your situation, and do everything possible to get you the lowest set bail. Depending on the crime and available evidence, a bail lawyer maybe able to get you out of jail free from any bail charges at all.

Someone to Represent You at a Bail Hearing

Following your arrest, you will probably be given a bail hearing. At this time, a judge will decide what your bail should be or if you should even get bail at all. While many people think that this hearing is no big deal, it certainly can have disastrous effects if it goes badly. In some cases, the judge may decide not to set bail at all, and instead force you to stay in jail even though you have not been proven guilty. During these hearings, you need a trusted lawyer who will stand up for your rights and make sure that you get the lowest bail possible.

After Being Released on Bail

One you have been released from jail, the battle is not over. You will still need to prove your innocence and face the consequences of any misconduct; however, being out on bail gives you the chance to gather evidence, keep steady relationships with family and friends, and retain your job. While waiting for your trial, you can spend time talking to a lawyer and prepare for your defense in court.

Call the Bail Hotline of Baidwan and Baidwan

Here at Baidwan and Baidwan, we understand that people make bad choices. While there are consequences for bad decisions, we want our clients to continue living as normal a life as possible as they work to get past their mistakes. Our bail hotline is here to help you by providing you with legal services that will guarantee you are well-represented at a bail hearing and gain the lowest bail possible. Don’t try to do this alone; instead, call us today and let us help you!

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Extensive experience working in Brampton & Missisauga with:

Young Offenders, including: Special attention for young persons charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)

Assault, including: Domestic Assault, Assault With a Weapon, Aggravated Assault, Assault Causing Bodily Harm

Drinking & Driving, including: Drunk driving in Brampton, Mississauga and elsewhere in the GTA, “over 80″, impaired driving and drug related driving offences.

Theft, including: Fraud, Robbery, Possession of stolen property

Drug Offences, including: Possession, Importation, Trafficking

Assault, including: Sexual Assault and Interference

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